Inspired Network Solutions and its employees are committed to protecting the environment and occupational health and safety by ensuring the followings:

  • Management’s commitment to Environment, health, and safety at design, planning, and execution levels and giving special attention to maintaining all facilities, processes, and procedures to secure sustained safety, health, and environment protection.
  • Considering safety, hygiene, and environmental management to be an added contribution to its customers and community. Therefore, the company is committed to continuously improving the site where it operates and will do its best to significantly reduce the environmental resource consumption, waste, and other environmental aspects, preventing environmental pollution, as well as safety risks.
  • Taking firm decisions for prevention, control, and elimination of accidents, risks, health, and environmental hazards at all project sites and plants located at different places.
  • Providing training and retraining to all levels of employees on Environment, Health, and safety with necessary PPE to avoid accidents and to show the prompt response for any type of emergencies.
  • Complying with applicable local legal requirements and other related requirements that INS Telecom subscribes to through any contracted engagement with a more restrictive party.
  • Communicating the policy to all employees and concerned parties.